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Designed by Lanzavecchia + Wai for Journey East, PLAYplay is a happy collection of compact furniture made for people that are fun and playful, and not afraid of color. The design duo’s concept was led by the idea of play for those that are young at heart and desire a life filled with fun. PLAYplay-L+W-Journey-East-Collection-3-ACCORDION-Console Each thoughtfully designed, energetic piece pays homage to Singapore’s Journey East’s heritage and culture with a vintage touch and happy colors. Using a bold color palette, it’s no surprise the pieces are crafted in Southeast Asia, a place known for using colors like this. Besides the use of bright colors, they also used Indonesian mahogany to build each design. PLAYplay-L+W-Journey-East-Collection-3a Accordian: consoles with fronts that have a lenticular visual effect PLAYplay-L+W-Journey-East-Collection-4-ACCORDION-Console PLAYplay-L+W-Journey-East-Collection-5-ACCORDION-Console PLAYplay-L+W-Journey-East-Collection-6-ACCORDION-Console PLAYplay-L+W-Journey-East-Collection-7-PONG-Dining-Ping-pong-Table Ping: a wheeled bench you can slide away when it’s time to play Pong: a dining table that doubles as ping pong table PLAYplay-L+W-Journey-East-Collection-8-PONG-Dining-Ping-pong-Table PLAYplay-L+W-Journey-East-Collection-9-PONG-Dining-Ping-pong-Table PLAYplay-L+W-Journey-East-Collection-10-PONG-Dining-Ping-pong-Table PLAYplay-L+W-Journey-East-Collection-11-BAZAAR-Desk-Shelf Bazaar: a desk and bookshelf combination PLAYplay-L+W-Journey-East-Collection-12-BAZAAR-Desk-Shelf PLAYplay-L+W-Journey-East-Collection-13-tables Hamburger: side and coffee tables with two, bun-like layers that can be used together or individually PLAYplay-L+W-Journey-East-Collection-13a PLAYplay-L+W-Journey-East-Collection-14 PLAYplay-L+W-Journey-East-Collection-15 PLAYplay-L+W-Journey-East-Collection-16 PLAYplay-L+W-Journey-East-Collection-17 Photos by Davide Farabegoli.
Compact Furniture for Fun & Playful People – Design Milk.

Source: Compact Furniture for Fun & Playful People – Design Milk

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