Chatbot Lawyer Can Help You Overturn Parking Tickets

A Chatbot Lawyer Can Help You Overturn Parking Tickets

A Chatbot Lawyer Can Help You Overturn Parking Tickets

160,000 citations have been contested in London and NYC thanks to ‘DoNotPay’

A 19-year-old created his own version of a robot lawyer utilizing AI. Joshua Browder is the founder of DoNotPay, a program that lets anyone contest a parking ticket for free. The program is set up in a way that asks a series of questions, which makes it easy for users to follow and get the help they need. This chatbot lawyer has been able to assist 250,000 cases and won 160,000 cases since its conception less than two years ago. The process is set up in a simple manner. A user simply logs on and initiates a chat. The chatbot starts off with basic questions then hones down on details to provide clear directions on what to do. For example, it will ask if a user had to park quickly because of an emergency. If yes, the bot provides a link to start the appeal process. Chatbot lawyer Browder states that he got this idea after he received a hefty number of parking tickets. He found that it was possible to set up assistance in this matter because the appeals process is fairly formulaic. The bot extracts all the necessary information to fuel the appeals process. It processes this information and lets users know if they even have a case for an appeals process so time does not go wasted. Thus far, $4 million-worth of tickets have been successfully contested in New York City and London. Browder is planning to expand the app to other cities and hopes to also add other services that provide guidance for different appeal processes. He already coded a way for people to receive compensation for flight delays and cancellations. DoNotPay is a chatbot that has proven that AI has the capabilities to even provide legal assistance. DoNotPay Wrecker Tows and Man Communicating with Chat Bot via Shutterstock
Chatbot Lawyer Can Help You Overturn Parking Tickets.

Source: Chatbot Lawyer Can Help You Overturn Parking Tickets

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